We educate our community on financial literacy and independence, providing tools and support aimed at helping them to improve their finances and build wealth over long term.

We provide tools to aid members of our target community achieve improved financial wellbeing and get a better grasp on their finances. Through our financial literacy, we seek to provide our community with information about how money works in Canada, the Canadian financial system, the credit score, personal financial management basics including earning, spending, budgeting and savings.

Our project is designed to influence primarily the following three areas of financial wellbeing for our target community:

  1. Financial behaviors: 
    • Active savings
    • Keeping track of money (expense tracking)
    • Informed use of consumer credit
    • Planning use of income (budgeting)
    • Informed financial decision-making
  2. Knowledge & experience factors:
    • Money management
    • Financial products – debt, savings and investment
    • Managing financial risk
    • Credit score awareness and management
  3. Psychological factors:
    • Financial confidence
    • Attitudes towards spending, saving and borrowing
    • Action orientation
    • Self-control