Founder’s Roundtable (FR) is our program created to provide a platform for black business owners to network with other entrepreneurs and share their successes and challenges. Through the program, each participant will be held accountable for weekly goals.

FR runs for 6-weeks on Wednesday at 6pm MST. Cohort 6 is expected to start on Wednesday, October 18, 2023 and run till November 22, 2023.

Why You Should Be Part Of The Next Cohort?

If you are not sure of what to expect, read below some of the testimonies from our previous cohorts.

Testimony 1:

“Every Wednesday for the last six weeks at 7:00 pm I spent with amazing business owners and the organizers Ayo and Emmanuel of the FR2 Project. It was great spending team with this group getting help and brainstorming ways to take our businesses to the next level. I personally got very valuable information from Ayo and Emmanuel that has positioned me in a way that I know in time will flourish my business. The interesting part about this group is that we all had completely different businesses and we all were in different stages of our business and brought to the table different skill sets. In return,  we were all able to learn from each other.  Not only am I excited for my business but I am also excited for the other business owners that was apart of this group. Thank you Ayo and Emmanuel for such an amazing opportunity  to learn from you and tickle your brains. As for the group, I am going to miss our time together.”

Testimony 2:

“It was a remarkable six weeks with other entrepreneurs and our coaches. I learnt to set goals for my business and map out plans to achieve them. I loved the fact that we were motivated to set high goals and think above our usual threshold. I would recommend Founder’s Roundtable to every entrepreneur out there.”

Testimony 3:

“It’s my second time on Founders Roundtable and I can always say that I come away with valuable nuggets for my business growth. The coordinator and fellow attendees always help to fine tune my ideas and give customer perspective on what is expected of my food service business”

How To Apply?

Successful candidates will be notified by email.