We incubate well-researched ideas and product extensions on behalf of individuals and companies and turn them to profitable businesses and / or products.

Our Process

We dig out ideas!

We brainstorm product ideas. If we find a great opportunity, we lock in!

We develop a plan!

After we decide on an idea, we conduct some qualitative and quantitative research, run the numbers, design a prototype, then come up with a business case.

We then run a pilot with a small group of users to take feedback.

We get down to work!

We help to bring that idea to life and nurse it till there is clarity of business model and it is ready to go off on its own.

We do this by finding professionals in specific sectors to work with us on the ideas.

We iterate based on user feedback and refine the product and business case.

Then, we drive the venture to a point when there’s clarity of business model.